10 Tips For Giving Effective Virtual Presentations

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What to know before you go live. Presenting online? Try these suggestions to improve your results. | Illustration by Tricia Seibold As audiences go global and you need to reach more people through technology (including webinars, conference calls and teleconference), you must consider the challenges to connecting with a virtual audience. Here I pinpoint 10 valuable best practices to ensure you communicate successfully. 1. Be Brief Audiences begin to lose attention after roughly 10 minutes of hearing from the same presenter. If you have more than 10 minutes of content, use interactive activities to keep your audience engaged (for example, take a poll, give quizzes, or ask audience members for their opinions via chat). 2. Be Simple Keep slides simple — avoid too many words, graphics and animation features. Less…
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What is a Digital Strategy

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I have often wondered what a digital strategy means, mostly as the people who use this terminology are not based in IT, so I googled it, and this is one of the many explanations that were found, but one that I think I and most other technical people would understand. (more…)
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How agile project management can save time and money

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A lack of focus on business objectives from the start of a project can make them drag on, costing both time and money. Applying agile project management is one way to mitigate the risk, argues Chris Maund. Current approaches to project management are often thought to slow down business change. As a result, a high percentage of projects are seen as failures. However, it is often not the project management methodology that is slowing down the delivery; it is a lack of focus on business objectives or outcomes from the start of the project. A while ago, I was brought into a project which had become so caught up in the definition of requirements that a year after starting it had still not benefited the business; in fact, the requirements…
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provide a GRAM of motivation

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There is a simple technique to getting the best out of your people. Projects are a human endeavour. People plan, work on and deliver projects. For all of the technology and methodology, it is your team of people, and how they interact with the stakeholders around them, that is the most important contributor to the success of your project. The big challenge many projects face is that they represent a disruptive influence on an existing culture. And, while that culture may not be highly productive nor deeply enriching, it is often comfortable for the people involved. A project can shake up cultures and present people with an uncomfortable challenge. So, for project managers, the so-called ‘hard skills’ of scoping, programming, risk management and project control are barely the start of…
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How I can Help

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Businesses sometimes struggle with the move to more flexible working practices and the IT challenges it brings. Working remotely on mobile devices, that access systems in the cloud, will become natural. Want to talk, call me, top of the page. To ensure engagement with staff, you’re likely to need to provide systems that people want to work with. I can help your business understand what IT platforms tools and services you could be investing in to ensure you’re not left behind in this ever changing world. I understand how IT suppliers & providers work and they sometimes struggle to meet the organisations expectations. (more…)
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