My knowledge and experience has been developed from a technical base and over my  career I have used this supplemented with a business overview that has included academic business qualifications. In most of my work I have overseen IT support and development teams, but added the business systems analysis and implementation element. I have then used all these skills combined with an exposure to many different sectors, from Health provision through manufacturing, education, housing, technology, not for profit and service management, identifying strategic direction, and harmonisation of technology that supports and facilitates the business.


This has given me the opportunity to manage projects that identify source and implement many diverse applications and services, including ERP, finance, service management, document management, collaboration platforms, websites and CRM systems. The support and management from 3rd party and strategic technical partnerships is also a strength that helps deliver long term sustainable systems. I also believe that my skills are best placed in identifying the future, directing technical staff in the most appropriate way that benefits the business. I like to think I help organisations, defining and improving process through the continual development of their staff.

Things that are important to me

  • That the people are developed in spaces where they can add value.
  • That technology is fit for purpose, and selective,
  • Training all staff in technologies they don’t use all the time, is wasteful, as they generally don’t have enough time to become proficient in that space, cos they have a day job in another space. Cover should be a feature of risk analysis, ie what could go wrong and how will we mitigate it, then train on those areas.
  • Having people who are focussed on a specific area pays dividends in the delivery of user adoption. We get better outputs from people who know more.
  • Multidisciplinary teams have been a feature of IT departments for a long time for obvious support reasons, but this requires multi talented people.
  • That organisations and the people in them, feel that they have an option for change.
  • There are some more natural fit ways that take an approach of what is it that the business does, and focus on the enablers for that at the centre. Then add features/extensions/applications to that central space. This allows the business to make mistakes and change those features/extensions/applications without major upheaval to the space that is the central business enablers.

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