Organizations all over the world, from NASA to Disney, utilize ITIL to help improve their IT processes. But what is ITIL Service Management? Here’s what you need to know, and how you can use ITIL to benefit your own IT organization.

What Does ITIL Stand For?

ITIL is an acronym that stands for “IT Infrastructure Library”. It was originally developed in the UK as a series of books. These books explained procedures and best practices for the IT industry to follow. The goal was to standardize the management of IT, so everything wasn’t doing their own thing, but had a common set of IT standards to follow.

How Does it Work?

ITIL Service Management acts as a guideline for service delivery in the IT world. If you are committed to conducting best practices in the industry, ITIL is the way to go. As of today there are five different books, explained below.

ITIL Service Strategy

This portion of ITIL can be thought of as how an IT organization can best position itself for long-term success. Service Strategy discusses financial management and how to improve business relationships. It answers the question:

How can my IT department succeed over a long period of time?

ITIL Service Design

Designing IT systems should always involve a very important element: the user. Often times in when planning or designing a system, consideration is not made to specific intricacies of a business or its users. This section answers the question:

How can I plan my IT resources around my business?

ITIL Service Transition

When IT projects come to a completion phase, they transition to becoming an actual service that people in an organization will use. For example, when a project to migration to a new IT asset management system is complete, it is then “live” for users to begin working with. Service Transition works to answer the question:

How can I best transition an IT project over to a service for users?

ITIL Service Operation

Problems are a fact of life in IT. Without tech problems, most IT professionals would be out of a job! Service Operations is quite specific in helping provide service level agreement framework for your IT service desk. It’s where you go find the answer to:

How can my IT department meet SLAs?

ITIL Continual Service Improvement

No one wants to repeat mistakes. In IT, repeatable processes can be captured and used to improve efficiency and reduce the bottom line cost. Improvement is not always easy, however, and many IT departments need help with:

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