Cloud Applications – Out of Sight, Out of Mind?

Very interesting reminder….

I’m just completing a project where all the telephony for the client I am working for has moved to a cloud service provider – every part of the service from ACD, SIP Proxy, SBC and the associated reporting tools and user management all reside there.

It has been a very interesting project from both a technical and planning perspective, one of the biggest learns that I have taken away from it is the knowledge that even though a platform might sit in the cloud it is very important to consider the service that is being provided and what you, as the client needs to have in place to make it an overall success.

Of course it’s possible to have Cloud Storage as a Service or Telephony as a Service but before you look at taking on such a project have you thought of:

  • demarcation points
  • incident management ownership and accountabilities
  • operational resilience
  • how much your provider really knows your business

I would advocate a move to the cloud for many applications, however just because an application resides there it does not mean that it is ‘out of sight, out of mind’.

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