Cut the Cord: How Print From Anywhere Is Changing The Way We Work

 Print drivers. Remember those? Just the words are enough to send a shiver up the spine of nearly any office worker who survived the early days of office printing.

Sure, it wasn’t exactly a stone and chisel, but once upon a time, office printing wasn’t very easy or convenient, either. How many times did you find yourself in a position where printing your project was even more difficult or complicated than writing it? Or find that a simple, “print and sign” task was harder than closing the deal to begin with?

With Xerox Mobile Print, those days are over. Workers have been released from their printer cord tether, free to work – and print – from anywhere. Xerox Mobile Print combines convenience, options and security (three of our favorite words) to make it possible for you to print easily and securely from anywhere – and you don’t even have to rely exclusively on Xerox printers. It’s also fully Cloud integrated, allowing you to print from email, Office, Adobe Acrobat…pretty much anywhere you can think of, clearly and with ease.

Print from Anywhere


From mobile devices and laptops to your desktop computer, Xerox Mobile Print makes it easy to print from wherever you are, on whatever device you’re using. Collate, staple, print in bold, glorious color, directly from the device you’re working on. No more emailing files to yourself or asking to sit at someone else’s computer “just for a minute”.

Get out of the print queue and back to what really matters with Mobile Printing from Xerox. Because your print job shouldn’t be your whole job.

Ready to cut the cord?

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By |Aug 20, 2015

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