CRM 2015 for Marketing

Marketers can expect richer functionality in terms of social marketing, email marketing and collaboration with Sales.

Integrated Email editor: simple drag-and-drop email editor that lets you create emails from scratch or customise any of their pre-defined templates. You’ll also have the possibility to switch between a visual and a HTML editor to create the perfect visual effect!


Improved Campaign Management: more intelligent lead scoring systems, multi-condition triggers, cross-campaign offers and finally – A/B testing! All this to make sure your marketing is better targeted and delivers better results. And our favourite? Webinar integration – for an even deeper insight into what works and which leads are passionate about your products!

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 Console

CRM 2015 B2B


Integrated Social Listening: No more separate marketing & social listening platforms – now it’s all in one! With CRM 2015 you’ll be able to analyse what your audience is saying about you, your product, your market or any other keywords you choose. You’ll also be able to zoom in on a particular location and monitor sentiment in 19 languages.

CRM 2015 Social Listening


Sales Collaboration: Sales will be able to access marketing campaigns and will gain some controls over communications to make sure the transition between Marketing and Sales is more seamless. Have you previously met one of the leads on a networking event and want to personalise an email? With CRM 2015 that will no longer be an issue!



CRM 2015 for Sales

CRM for Sales will improve in navigation, visualisation and faster streamlining of Sales processes.

Improved mobile experience: you can look forward to better dashboards and more powerful analytics analytics, as well as straightforward multi-level navigation and offline drafts availability. Next time when you’re in a meeting with a client with no wifi access you don’t have to panic!

Mobile CRM 2015 for sales

Better visualisation: Sales will be able to see how individual accounts, leads and contacts relate to each other in helpful diagrams (hierarchies). These diagrams will also have basic information about each account (i.e. revenue, who owns the account, latest activity etc). so it will save time and make your team meetings more efficient.


Product bundling: The new CRM will enable you to spend less time on product management by letting you access pre-bundled product families that can be assigned to leads with the intention to up- or cross-sell these later on. Your product strategy will become that much easier and you can say goodbye to one more spreadsheet.

Product bundling

Improved real-time processes: Now you’ll be able to choose from various directions the business processes will follow. For example, all your leads might follow the same route from the initial touch point until the reach a certain score, and after this they can be dropped into a separate business flow according to the product you wish to sell to them.

Improved real-time process


CRM 2015 for Customer Service

We can expect higher flexibility and better business logic for the Customer Service department.
Customer service will be able to:

  1. Manage related cases together and assign parent/child roles to them
  2. Define and manage multiple Service Level Agreement levels
  3. Use a smarter routing and queuing rules to make sure all customers are served in time
  4. Pause and resume SLA’s and track the on-hold time to help meeting the SLA requirements

Customer Service CRM 2015

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