Are You Are Planning A Move To SharePoint Online, If So, Have You Considered Your Customization Strategy?
With the release of SharePoint online the way in which you customize your SharePoint implementation has changed. With the back-end being in the Microsoft cloud, the need for back end coding has now diminished. Microsoft are actually doing this to make your implementations more secure, as if there is no customised back end code the chance of your environment breaking Is greatly reduced and your eventual migration path is much easier.
Despite what many think Microsoft don’t want everyone to conform to the SharePoint that comes out of the box and recommend trying the three below methods for customization:
– Browser based customisation (Using the site settings page)
  • Choose different themes
  • Apply custom CSS files
  • Customize the navigation
– Codeless Solutions (use design manager to leverage your expertise in HTML, CSS and JavaScript)
  • Easily design HTML master pages and page layout’s in your HTML editor
  • Convert HTML to an ASP.NET master page
  • Use InfoPath designer to customize list, workflow and library forms.
– Consider Custom Code Solutions (Develop apps for SharePoint that feature App Parts)
  • Create custom site pages
  • Create custom web parts
I have just scratched the surface of this, Microsoft have provided a lot more information –

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