Businesses sometimes struggle with the move to more flexible working practices and the IT challenges it brings. Working remotely on mobile devices, that access systems in the cloud, will become natural. Want to talk, call me, top of the page.

To ensure engagement with staff, you’re likely to need to provide systems that people want to work with.

I can help your business understand what IT platforms tools and services you could be investing in to ensure you’re not left behind in this ever changing world. I understand how IT suppliers & providers work and they sometimes struggle to meet the organisations expectations.

If you’re looking to make that next IT investment but you’d like some impartial advice on the options available, I can help you compile your requirements in a way that matches your business objectives. I’ll assist you in your tender process so that you can attract the best fit companies to implement the solution.

Have you tried to implement a solution, and it’s not gone quite according to plan? Bringing a new product into your organisation can be tricky both technically and emotionally. Sometimes the solution hasn’t quite delivered on the promise from the service provider. I’ll work with you to reset expectations, use my experience to challenge the provider and get the project back on track.

If you’re users are struggling to adapt to a new system, I can work with your team to understand how they can get personal benefits from it and become real advocates.

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