…good question, bet you know the answer, ‘it all depends’ and that is the answer most people don’t want to hear.

Business need answers, so expressing this in a way that means something to the business is important for buy in…start small with CRM. What does that look like. Well we used to refer to it as piloting, but this seems to have given way to full scale Analysis of what the business does. In some instances this starts with As-Is process mapping. Why?, businesses that want CRM know they need better systems, so why measure where they are not working well. Take a few Procesess that the business understands but finds that they are all procedures..ie dependant on people, and use these to pilot CRM.

A good choice for these is ask for a copy of an order or invoice, if it comes in paper, chances are there is an improvement to be made. If it comes as a pdf , that’s better but if the location of that PDF is a network drive, chances are there is an improvement to be made.

Ok I can hear the call, so how should it come to me?…well CRM would allow you, yes you the person asking for the order or invoice, to go to the customer account in question and show you the orders / invoices that customer has in 3 clicks.

Using these as pilot areas the answer will be easier to scope and will enable phasing into CRM rather than massive work ahead of an implementation that causes business disruption.

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