CRM should be representative of your sales process. When that process is clearly documented in CRM, it allows for it to be clearly understood and strictly followed

  • Quantification – A business owner once told me he had no idea how many monthly leads they got from the internet (before they had CRM) this was crazy to me, “if you don’t know how many you’re getting, how do you know how well you’re doing?”. Automation means quantification and numbers will always tell a story that can shape your business’ direction.
  • Organisation – I can’t tell you how many sales peoples offices I have been in where they have a spreadsheet with client contact info in rows, and those were the organized ones!  CRM gives a system of organisation to a person who may or may not be organised- a benefit to any salesperson.
  • Effective targeted marketing – Some companies use email, other post cards, others phone blitzing, regardless how you market, CRM will benefit the individuals marketing efforts by being able to target clients or client groups and cater more specific marketing materials for those clients using tools such as Advanced Find “I want to send this email to all the clients in CRM that have been entered in the past 3 months, live in this area and have over turnover in excess of £5,000,000.”.

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