OK! so you’re the Chief Executive and you keep hitting the wall of ‘why cant I’ , you know you need systems to give you information needed to fulfil the obligations you have with your customers, you know you need systems to enable the business to operate, lets not get into efficiencies here, you probably know which systems you want (Microsoft CRM right 🙂 ) and that 0ffice 365 thingy (not sure what it is but its all over the place right now, and I have en early version of office, am I missing out?) but all you hear is how much it costs to implement and the disruption it causes and the fact that Consultants want to re-engineer your business to justify the costs of implementing CRM.

Now don’t get me wrong, you do need a Microsoft Partner to help with this, as they have the access to all the support and updates and specialist knowledge etc. but, and this is where I come in, they are a business, sure they get kudos for ‘another successful implementation’ but the costs never stop, and everything they do is a day rate. I operate for the organisation, not the partner. I ensure that you get what you need , not what they think you need.

Also you don’t have the skills in house to do this easily, as your focus is on what you do , not the technology support you need.

I can work alone for you if you don’t have IT departments, I can work with your IT departments showing them and letting them learn, and when its finished I a can walk away leaving you fit for business, until you decide you need me again.

How does that sound, you can pay me as a contractor or an employee, it makes very little difference to me, its generally easier for both as a contractor but don’t let that put you off.

Want to talk, email me, no fancy forms here, just click on the email pdbenfield@me.com or call me 07900180490

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