header-SMB-illustration-679-engbBusinesses can sometimes struggle with the move to new technologies and the change in working practices that come with that move. Staff working away from the traditional office on tablets and phones, as well as traditional laptops that access business information in systems that are based in the cloud is becoming normal and expected.

If businesses are not adopting new technology, the potential for your staff to start citing the IT as the reasons they are not performing, could be quite high, and you may want to look to provide systems that your staff want to work with. I can work with you and your staff helping you to understand what IT platforms and services you could be making use of to ensure your business is not compromised.

Even now a lot of your staff may be using their own domestic IT and file storage, in their work activities, because your IT is not as up to date with functional capabilities as their home IT is. The dangers to this are pretty well understood by most and are featured regularly in case studies in the press. Could your bids proposals and contracts be in personal account of your sales advisors….
If you’re looking to make your IT more suitable, but you have difficulty understanding the options or benefits, and would like some help on what could be available, how much effort it will be to get it into your organisation and what investments are likely to be needed, I can help you define and describe your requirements ensuring that business plans are not compromised. I can help you find partners to work with that will secure your IT for the future.
I understand how IT suppliers operate and can be the bridge between them and your business. Implementing a new IT system can be challenging and complex from both a technical and user viewpoints. Most staff don’t like change being forced upon them, so the change process needs careful consideration and management. Sometimes the new system hasn’t met the expectations that were promised or the promise was not what you expected.

I can work with your staff to review and set more relevant expectations, and use my experience to communicate your expectations to the supplier in ways that they understand and get systems working for you. I am an independent IT strategy & delivery specialist helping businesses get greater value from their IT or business systems, by:

  • Selecting the right solution or platform for your organisation
  • Selecting the most suitable partner to work with, making sure they work for you and deliver results
  • Helping you understand what you need to do to get the most from your partner to ensure you receive the maximum ROI possible
  • Troubleshooting projects that are not delivering and getting them back on track
  • Bridging the gap between you and your supplier so that your staff can concentrate on the day job

Contact me for an informal chat .. M:07900180490 or send me an email me@paulbenf.com


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